The famous Slavia Hotel is undergoing reconstruction

20. 6. 2023
The famous Slavia Hotel is undergoing reconstruction

The Slavia Hotel in Brno, where the popular Czech film Inheritance or Kurvahošigutntág was filmed, will undergo a complete reconstruction. The Art Nouveau house in the city centre was built under Špilberk Castle more than a hundred years ago. Experts from OM Consulting are currently preparing detailed designs for the technical security of the buildings.

What exactly do we do for Hotel Slavia?

Our MEP Centre(Technology Department) was also commissioned by the building owner toprepare budgets and calculations for the technical security of the buildings and to propose possible cost-saving solutions (value ingeneering). The design part of the reconstruction started in September 2020, the construction part is scheduled to start in spring 2021. The owner expects the completion of all works and the resumption of hotel operations in approximately 2025.

The MEP Centre is led by experienced expert Ing. Karel Rod, who has been involved in the technical security of buildings in a number of other projects including hotels, well-known shopping centres and office buildings in the Czech Republic and has also worked for the Dukovany nuclear power plant. Karel Rod is also responsible for the successful preparation of technical building security projects for the Slavia Hotel.

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