Mission, vision,  and values of OM  Consulting

Everything we do affects the environment in which we live. That is especially true for our industry. When managing large-scale investment projects, we don’t want to “just” look for savings and deliver services. We look at cooperation in terms of quality and understanding the needs and wishes of our customers. As a result, we build strong relationships with them and aspire to be their first choice. We pride ourselves on doing things the right way, honestly and with top quality so that the client gets the best service. Only in this way will our mission be fulfilled.


Our mission at  is to help

“For myself, I do business primarily because we help clients turn ideas into reality. If I see that a client is having problems on a project, it forces me to look for a solution. And that’s what I want – to bring solutions and not come up with problems. When the client appreciates our help, it energizes me. I am aware that this is how we create values for future generations. When I walk with my children around a building where we have contributed in some way to its creation, it is an amazing feeling.”

Ondrej Vala
Managing Director of OM Consulting


Our mission is  to cultivate the environment

“For me, business is about responsibility, about being able to influence the course of things and the whole society. We are all in contact with other people: partners and suppliers; and how WE act can influence and affect the actions of others. If we act honestly, constructively and intelligently, others will be influenced by our actions and will influence others.
It’s not true that we’re just a drop in the ocean. We do a lot of projects and we are definitely the ones who can set new standards in the market, whether it’s in terms of technical skills and quality of work or our own ethics in the construction market. We try to do things better than the market practice.”

Michal Mühlbauer
Managing Director of OM Consulting


Values of OM Consulting

#Pushing the boundaries

We enjoy finding new ways and pushing boundaries.


Teamwork is the key to success. We earn trust through reliability and professionalism. We share information and listen to each other.


We honor the rules, we act with integrity.


Professionalism is respect. We hold ourselves, our colleagues and client in high regard.


We boldly accept challenges and manage risk.


We make informed decisions, we don't give in to emotions.


We know our role, we stand by what we do and how we do it.

#We know our role. We stand by what we do and how we do it

#We share information and listen


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