AFI City 1 office building approved

AFI City 1 office building approved

The building with 19 above-ground and 3 underground floors and a leasable area of 17,300 m2 is characterised by a modular façade, formed on the east and west sides by regular sculptural elements made of aluminium shapes. The southern façade is fully glazed and is fronted by vertical sunroofs that accentuate the verticality of the entire building.

AFI CITY – revitalization of a former brownfield

AFI CITY was built on a former brownfield site with a total area of 15 hectares, and in addition to administrative and commercial space, it also offers housing in already completed apartment buildings, and also includes cultivated public areas including a 7,500 m2 park. In the fall of 2020, construction of the apartment-type accommodation facility began.

Our company OM Consulting was responsible for obtaining the building permit – engineering, project management during the preparatory phase and implementation, quality management (technical supervision of the investor) and price management.

The team worked under the leadership of experienced project manager Ing. Vojtěch Jeníš.

AFICity 1 is certified sustainable

In addition, the premium office building has been awarded a BREEAM green certificate, in the Excellent standard. The certificate confirms the sustainability of the building – both during the construction phase and during its operation.

The OM Consulting team, in its role as project manager , helped to find cost-saving solutions, for example, when working on the documentation for the construction, either by selecting appropriate procedures or by selecting products that meet the certification requirements. Proper disposal of waste or site equipment was also important during construction.

For the operational phase of the building, water management, energy savings (e.g. LED lighting or meeting stricter energy performance parameters for built-in technical equipment) and a number of other criteria play a role.

The AFI City 1 building was built on the land of the former ČKD Slévárny a Moury industrial complex in Prague 9 – Vysočany near the Kolbenova metro station and its developer is the Israeli company AFI Europe. The building has 19 above-ground and 3 underground floors with a leasable area of 17 300 m2.

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