ESG and LEED, BREEAM certification

Sustainability is a big topic today, not only in the construction industry. Investors are much more likely to put money into sustainable and responsible projects, just as tenants and building users are increasing their demand for a sustainable and healthy environment for their business. ESG and green certifications are thus becoming increasingly important. At OM Consulting, we offer comprehensive services to help you navigate the complex environment of your portfolio sustainability.

ESG: Get an impartial assessment of your property's sustainability

Do you need to clarify what is the essence of ESG and ESG strategy? We will help you find your way around and tailor our services to you. They include diagnostics of the property or portfolio in terms of energy performance, EU taxonomy and ESG non-financial reporting requirements. Based on this assessment, the next step is to propose a feasible ESG strategy.


When else to contact us? If you need:

  • ESG assessment of individual buildings or the entire portfolio.
  • Suggesting or supporting the development of an ESG strategy.
  • Evaluate how you are implementing the ESG strategy you have already set.
  • Provide ESG reporting and set up data collection and evaluation, including recommending software solutions to keep your ESG strategy under control.

LEED, BREEAM and WELL sustainability certification

LEED and BREEAM certification increases the value and attractiveness of the property for investors and end users. We can help you obtain them and thus open the way to more advantageous financing and increased property value. Do you want to know whether to certify LEED, BREEAM or WELL and what level and for what money you can achieve? We will advise you.

We see obtaining a certificate or a good ESG rating as a journey rather than a goal. Our priority is to achieve real savings in the operation of the building, reduce the negative impact on the environment and improve user comfort. Let’s work together to create a healthy and pleasant environment for all.


Certification is not the end of our services

Environmental certifications are just the beginning. Our services will guide you through the entire process of sustainable and energy-efficient construction. We do:

  • carbon footprint calculation,
  • PENB and energy audits, 3D energy models,
  • technical audits of the existing condition, feasibility studies and project preparation for reducing the energy consumption of the building,
  • grant advice.

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