Pekárenský dvůr: luxury residential project in Brno

Pekárenský dvůr: luxury residential project in Brno

Domoplan has entrusted us with the management of the construction of the luxury residential project Pekárenský dvůr in Brno. The construction will take place in the form of Construction Management. There will be 239 apartments in the building, including almost 2,700 m2 of park as a background for residents.

OM Consulting returns to the Brno construction market

We are currently conducting a tender process for the monolithic construction contractor , with further contract tenders to follow in early 2022. Our Brno team is working on the project. Construction started in September 2020 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

Construction Management is becoming increasingly popular among Czech developers. In contrast to cooperation with a general contractor, it allows for greater flexibility and a higher degree of control over the course of implementation on the part of the developer.

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