Construction Management

Like any investor, you are looking for the best solution to build your project. Maybe you’ve already made enquiries with a general contractor but the price quoted has come as a surprise, so you’re looking for a way to stay on budget and mitigate the impact of rising costs. The solution is construction management – construction without a general contractor.

How does construction management work?

We will handle the entire construction for you and provide better project control. You will have an independent team of experts on hand who will be on your side at all times and will ensure the selection and management of subcontractors from the preparation and implementation phase through to commissioning. We will divide the actual construction into logical units, which we tender separately. We then set up the optimal distribution of supplies, conduct tenders and coordinate subcontractors directly on site.


Savings of 10-20% of the general contractor's price

By completing the project without a general contractor, you save up to twenty percent of the costs that would otherwise have ended up with GD. Another advantage of sequential tendering of packages is the time saving by tendering for additional suppliers as implementation begins. And finally, we see a much more open and constructive atmosphere on construction management sites.


When to seek construction management?

Certainly by the time you’re looking for a contractor, or you’ve already inquired with a general contractor. We also have clients who ask us during the construction process, when we solve problems that arise on the construction site.


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