Construction and operating costs at bay

Construction and operating costs at bay

In residential construction, construction costs have risen by about half over the past five years, while other segments are only slightly better off.

Which is the way to reduce operating and construction costs?

It leads through a good initial concept, appropriate selection of technical building security and reliable construction management. In the planning phase, the investor can save up to tens of percent of the estimated project price, with further savings if building without a general contractor. Construction management is used quite often abroad, in the Czech Republic it is still in its infancy and its potential is huge. However, it all starts with a well-thought-out concept that avoids unnecessarily expensive solutions and captures and minimizes potential negatives of the project or site in a timely manner.

Full text of the article with comments by the head of the TZB team Ing. Karel Rod, Head of Construction Management Ing. Martin Hubac and Ing. arch. Read Karol Lakatos, who leads the Design & Architecture team, in the Development News archive:

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