Technical due diligence for Bořislavka

Technical due diligence for Bořislavka

The Bořislavka shopping and office complex has passed from the hands of the original owner and developer KKCG Real Estate Group to the portfolio of the ČS real estate fund managed by REICO investment company Česká spořitelna.

The technical due diligence team of OM Consulting led by Ing. Martina Matoušková participated in the transaction by preparing the technical part of the report for the buyer. The size of the transaction is expected to be one of the most significant real estate transactions on the Czech market this year.

Bořislavka Office & Shopping Centre consists of four above-ground administrative parts connected by a common underground part of the car park and shopping centre. The total leasable area exceeds 40 thousand sqm. The two-storey shopping gallery offers about 60 retail units and is accessible from the Bořislavka A metro station.

The complex began operations in 2021.

Bořislavka was awarded in the Czech Best of Reality competition in 2021.

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