Trial operation in the Continental Automotive hall started

Trial operation in the Continental Automotive hall started

In the industrial zone in Brandýs nad Labem, a production hall extension was being built for Continental Automotive. It is for this hall that we have received approval to start trial operation. The reason for the extension was a new line and expansion of production.

Investor’s technical supervision and HSE coordination

OM Consulting provides technical supervision of the investor and coordination of occupational health and safety on the construction site, the team of experts was led by Jaroslav Klem.

The Brandýs nad Labem industrial complex belongs to CPI Property Group and consists of production and warehouse halls as well as office buildings. The zone is fully leased to Continental Automotive, a company specialising in the production of interior electronics and control units for automobiles.

Clean room for Continental automotive

Part of the Continental automotive hall is called. clean room for optical bonding technology. This requires meeting high technical parameters, for example in terms of dust or airflow. The clean room was completed during the summer months, and in September the relevant authorities gave approval for a trial run of the new premises.

CPI Property Group currently manages more than one million sqm of leasable space of industrial projects in various locations in the Czech Republic.

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