Proper planning is half the battle: The bill of quantities for the concert hall in Ostrava

Proper planning is half the battle: The bill of quantities for the concert hall in Ostrava

One of the world’s most anticipated buildings designed by New York architect Steven Hall will be built in Ostrava! Locals and lovers of culture and architecture already know – it will be a new concert hall in Ostrava.

It is indeed an ambitious project, because connecting the listed House of Culture of Ostrava with a modern and timeless concert hall with a capacity of 1,300 spectators was quite a challenge. Steven Hall, in cooperation with the Czech architectural firm Architecture Acts, has done it perfectly.

Bill of Quantities for the challenging and innovative Ostrava Concert Hall project

We are talking about this because we are currently working on the statement of estimates and it should be noted that it is quite demanding. And for several reasons:

  • The project documentation is prepared with a 3D model in BIM. And not just one but 4! models, which contain individually statics, cladding, etc.
  • The measurement itself is done by filtering the values from this 3D projection, but not everything can be 3D modelled. That’s why our team works together to divide the documentation between 3D and classic 2D documentation.
  • In addition, the project consists not only of the construction of a new building, but also the reconstruction of the old Philharmonic Hall.

    The winning concept brings not only original architecture, but also a very interesting, albeit demanding technical solution and we are very happy to be part of a project that is shaping the future of Ostrava.

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We are preparing a bill of quantities for the new concert hall in Ostrava
BIM for concert hall Ostrava

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