Residence Hloubětín

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The building is located in a place of former greenery near the intersection of Kbelská/Průmyslová and Poděbradská Streets. The built-up area of the building is 999 sqm, the total usable area is 3 012 sqm.

The building has 1 underground and 5 above-ground floors, the last of which is retreating. Deep concrete piles and slab foundations with foundation strips are used as foundations for the built-up areas. Structurally, the building is designed as a white bath with a column system in the basement, a column system on the ground floor and a wall system on the upper floors. The roof is flat, mostly green.

The total number of apartments in the apartment building is 36 in the disposition of 1+kitchen corner to 3+kitchen corner. On the ground floor there are 3 commercial premises.

The OM Consulting team provided the client with a bank monitoring service.

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