Extensive reconstruction of OC Novo Plaza without interruption of operations

Services provided:

Renovation of the inadequate interior, relocation of escalators for more efficient use of space, reconstruction of toilets, revitalization of the facade, refit of the parking lot and other changes. We managed the challenging redevelopment of a busy shopping centre in Prague 4, which was fully operational – the investor was also on budget and we completed the project on schedule.

  • Investor: Bluehouse Capital Czech Republic
  • construction contractors: 3 P, Albatros Design, CAPEXUS, EXX, Smart Events, SIS Systémy
  • the building manager: CBRE Group Czech Republic

A popular shopping centre that needed a makeover

The investor decided to convert an older shopping centre into a modern complex for retail, hypermarket, offices, warehouses or services. The aim of the reconstruction was to strengthen competitiveness, especially to improve service and comfort for customers. The investor contacted us thanks to previous successful cooperation and entrusted us with several tasks:

  • Comprehensive conversion management, i.e. Coordination of dozens of entities from landlords and tenants, to designers, property managers to general contractors or negotiations with public administration representatives.
  • Commenting on and coordinating project documentation, the PD for the building permit and for the tender procedure and the implementation of the construction was prepared by Kyzlink Architects.
  • Cost management, i.e. drawing up a cost plan, setting the correct value of the investment and supervising the effective financial management of the project.
  • Fit-out, or the design of the function and form of interiors.
  • Technical supervision of the investorOHS.

The essential requirement was to carry out the reconstruction in full operation of the shopping centre.

Project schedule
Design work began in September 2019. The reconstruction took place from February 2020 to October 2021.

Biggest challenges: reducing the budget and coordinating dozens of actors

A few months after the start of the preparatory work, the COVID-19 pandemic became widespread in Europe, which complicated the project considerably, especially from the point of view of:

  • management of individual suppliers,
  • meeting the schedule,
  • and the investment budget.

Since the investor reduced the original budget, our specialists from the Cost Management team had to propose adjustments to optimize the scope of the investment. We suggested:

  • replacement of materials in common areas (especially paving),
  • abandon the implementation of the HVAC part (electrical backbone system),
  • Reduction in the volume of plasterboard work.

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The reconstruction included, among other modifications:

  • passages,
  • shop fronts,
  • technological background,
  • escalators,
  • public toilets,
  • facades,
  • ground floor,
  • of the main entrance
  • and parking.

In 25 months, the shopping centre was in a new

We completed the project on schedule in October 2021, 25 months after the start of design work. Together with other contractors, we have created a modern OC with an area of 27,500 m2 (retail, services and offices 21,500 m2, hypermarket 6,000 m2), with 710 underground and 140 above-ground parking spaces.

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OM Consulting team provides project management, cost management and fit out services for the shopping centre OC NOVODVORSKÁ PLAZA for Bluehouse Capital Czech Republic. The internal works are being carried out while the shopping centre is open and include renovation of the interior of the arcades and shop fronts. This included the complex relocation and reversal of the escalators, which allowed for better and more efficient use of the interior spaces. As part of the interior renewal, the toilets were successfully reconstructed.

The appearance of the building also benefited from the revitalization of the facade of the shopping centre and the adaptation of the main entrance, which included the creation of a new entrance to some of the premises. Reconstruction and refitting of the car park was also included in the external works. The shopping centre covers 26,000 sqm and currently offers 85 shops and 2,000 sqm of office space.

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Extensive reconstruction of OC Novo Plaza without interruption of operations

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