For most of the construction projects it is necessary to obtain appropriiate permits (zoning permit, building permit, occupation/operation permit/certificate or similar). Obtaining permits/certificates is not only an administrative procedure but it always requires a careful coordination with other project activities. The permitting begins during the project intention phase (e.g. evaluation of the compliance with zoning plan), continues with the preconstruction phase (with obtain of the building permit to enable construction commencement), construction phase (ensures negotiations on project changes) and is completed with application/issue for the occupation/operation permits.

Examples of particular permitting activities

  • Confirmation that the project conforms to the zoning plan
  • Negotiation of potential change of the zoning plan
  • Permitting schedule
  • Planning permit documentation - modifications
  • Obtaining approval statements from the authorities – planning permit
  • Environmental impact assessment - EIA
  • Securing planning permit
  • Obtaining approval statements from the authorities – construction permit
  • Construction permit documentation - modifications
  • Obtaining permits for any on-site design changes (change before completion permit)
  • Securing consent to build outstanding structures to the appropriate local building codes
  • Securing of the construction permit
  • Post-construction approval and issue of the occupancy certificate
  • Commissioning/permitting of the production procedure (for industrial plants)