Investors technical supervision

Investor's technical supervision (ITS) is a service focused on the achievement of high-quality construction work. The service begins during the elaboration of project documentation when the project is checked for the suitability of the proposed materials, the technical solution and the proposed build details. During the construction works execution, ITS ensures continuous quality management and calls attention to defects, checks their removal, ensures administration of defects and reports to the project manager and investor's representative. The Technical supervisor ensures the buildability of the concept designed by the architect to deliver the outcome expected by the client. Therefore it isn't simply a passive check of the performed work but it is also a very proactive activity to coordinate the designer, contractor and client.

Why should you have investor's technical supervision?

Buildings are a complex and unique undertaking, which requires constant supervision, thought and problem solving during the design and construction process. It is necessary to reveal failures in design or defects as early as possible, and preferably before the project gets to site because the later solution is usually more complicated with impacts on time, price, final quality and potential impact on works already completed. To deliver the quality you desire, the use of a control system is necessary. Our control system is delivered through the following activities – establishment of a checking and testing plan, ongoing quality checks, evidence of the defects, meaning that any reductions in project costs from the contractor are used as the last possible option – we prefer to ensure it is delivered correctly in the first place.
When such a control system is not utilised, the potential dispute between the investor and contractor can be very disruptive and potentially catastrophic to a project. Unresolved defects can cause consequences which can result up to suspension of the construction process. The indirect advantages of this kind of service are cost and time savings, and a much greater certainty of project realization.

Examples of particular activities of investor’s technical supervision

  • Scrutiny of the project design documentation
  • Ensuring design compliance with the investor’s requirements
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory codes and the client’s standards / brand requirements
  • Check of the method statement during works´ execution
  • Checking and tracking of the checking/testing plans
  • Monitoring of quality standards
  • Regular checks of the construction site
  • Checking the adequacy of site records
  • Snagging, final quality assurance and the defects rectification
  • Verification of as-built design and provision of as-built drawings and handover documentation