Castle Gardens

Provided Services: Projektový management, Cenový management, TDI a řízení BOZP
Project Manager: Ing. Radim Anton
Client: Zámecké Zahrady Centrum s.r.o.
Cost Management: Ing. Tomáš Černý, Šárka Hvězdová
Architect: IBA Architects, s.r.o., Dipl. Arch. lan M. Bryan
Project Dates: 3Q 2017 - 4Q 2018

The project of family and apartment houses is going to be carried out in the suburbs on the west of Prague, in the area of Vysoký Újezd. The eastern part of the location is going to be connected to the nearby castle, as well as the village green. Original villas are planned to be built there, whose well chosen windows and building materials, such as stone and wood, will make them maximally connected with the surrounding nature. Along quiet wide streets, you will find 36 terraced houses with their own gardens. In the village centre, there’s also going to be two low-floor residential buildings with 28 homely apartments situated in the neighborhood of a chateau park. The total area size is 21 160 m². Other important adjustments are going to take place on the square in front of the castle - mainly surface treatments of the area - several kinds of paving. The addition of greenery, as well as public lighting, benches, waste bins and barriers defining 23 parking spots, is a matter of course.



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